alternate universe alternate truth
chaos reality howl at the moon
wind and rain
end his reign

remove the clouds from ignorant eyes
nightmare awareness can’t stop the cries
people power
falling tower

transition into midnight
to prevent the blinding noon
drive agent orange out of the room


Silver Helium Balloon

A past twisted in the pink geology of my cranium too deep and pointless to dig up.

A future already jaded lost behind a dense haze of dreams I will never realize

Opportunities I must pull from the sky that come crashing down so hard like smashing into a piñata.Too spellbound to collect the rewards like the other children.

But I remain a latter that you can climb upon.

Was I born a mother to the leaches?

I hear the train horn echo in my mind reminding me I am free to leave. Earth is a drag but I’m not selfish but I’m not Jesus.

It’s the connections I’ve made binding me here like a web.

In a blink and a smile I could let my attachments loose like silver helium balloons they float away as my body dissolves into green slime and a high pitched screech changing the channel of my soul to another dimension.

But if I sever these ties cries will rise like waves across the ocean. The pain I’ve swallowed will be vomited upon the world and like an unseen magnet you will be forced to soak it up pleading for someone to wring you out. ☎️

Nature as a Novelty


Before the revolution fresh air was free
Toxic Youth
Duck, Duck, Goose
Before invasive species, a forest grew from a seed
Bipolar nation, Nuclear bipartisan
Before pollutants, water was clean
Contamination Administration
Before MonSanta Claus, we grew food not mutant wheat
Altered Ego, Human Genome
Before geo-engineering our lungs could breathe
Mind control, Radical
Before Capitalism Government, people had a voice to speak
Poison complication, easy enslavement
I don’t want to believe we lost all purity
Where our focus is “Me” not “We”
Where consumers consume the poor are doomed
Where the media is illusive, provides us with illusion
Happily ever after, and purchased Individuality
We are asleep
Paradigm shift
We are sheep
The Balance is plummeting
Black ocean landfills fill our land
We are Freaks
Disturbing uranium nightmare dreams
Can you hear? Are you hungry? Are you nourished? Can you see?
Don’t turn away. Don’t turn away. Give our humanity away
Trade it for the Plastic future
The free of Free Will adventure